5 Barbeque Styles to Consider For Your Barbecue Catering Business

What makes barbecue such as excellent choice for catering? Simple: everyone loves it! The classic barbecue is a popular choice for special occasions as it is also becoming a popular trend in the food industry. Starting a barbecue catering business is nearly same as with any catering business. You will need to develop a unique plan that will attract customers and attention. That comes with using the right flavors.

Here are five barbecue styles to consider for your barbecue catering business.


Texas BBQ

While Texas-style barbecue varies by area, the state’s ribs, beef, and sausage are quite popular. The Mesquite sauce is often used for grilling due to its unique flavor as the sauce is quite thick and sweet with a tomato base.



Hawaiian BBQ

The famous luau is a favorite party-style barbecue that serves chicken, fish, and pork. The meat is wrapped in taro or ti leaves and cooked. The iconic teriyaki sauce is sweet with their infamous Hawaiian pineapples.



Memphis BBQ

The pulled ribs and pork are among the favorites of Memphis; Their BBQ-style is cooked over charcoal with a peppered tomato sauce base, which is often sweetened with the use of molasses.




Kansas City BBQ

The Kansas-styled meat is dry rubbed with unique spices and smoked before reaching the grill. The sauce is made sweet and thick and is often a favorite table sauce. It is also known as a top-selling bottled sauce all over the country.



Carolina BBQ

As the preferred meat is pork, hickory and oak smoke is commonly used witg these recipes. The sauce brings out the peppery vinegar flavor. That’s what makes South Caroline famous for its Carolina Gold. This sauce is also known to include mustard in its recipe.

What barbecue style are you planning to use for your catering business? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!